Plague Inc Evolved Review & Guide

Plague Inc Evolved is an imitation game. It was released in 2014 by Ndemic Creations. It has received five GOTY awards.

Plague Inc Evolved PC Game 2014 Complete Overview:

Can you spoil the whole world? Is it possible? Well, the whole theme of this game is based on this sentence. In this game, you will try to spread the disease in the world. It seems awkward and most of the people do not want it to happen.

Plague Inc Evolved PC Game

In this game, you will try to damage and ruin the world. Make different hazardous viruses and diseases and spread them among humans. Your scores are directly proportional to the number of patients. If you want to check the number of patients then simply goes to the analytic portion of the game.

Ten different types of illnesses are present if you want to get a high score then the number of patients should increase otherwise the number of healthy patients will increase and your score will start decreasing.

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With more healthy patients presents your viruses will become completely useless and circumstances will become difficult for you. Some people also use anti-viruses. You can make only limited viruses so you must be very careful in this matter. If you do not have much information about the viruses then must watch some tutorial.

You can also make some new and more dangerous viruses by mixing previous viruses. Your objective should be high you need to kill humans instead of only infecting them. You will get a full score if you kill any human with your virus. This game has 3D graphics.


  • Ten types of diseases are available for infections.
  • You can check all the details about the data in the analytical portion.
  • Another good thing is single player and multiplayer both modes are available.
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How to Install Plague Inc Evolved

  1. Click the Game “Download” Button.
  2. Download Process Page Will Appear.
  3. Must Accept “User License Agreement” and Click “I Understand” Button.
  4. Choose the Path to Save This Game.
  5. After Download Process Completes, Check Specified Directory.
  6. Open Game and Enjoy Playing it.

Download Plague Inc Evolved On PC/Mac

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